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Emerald Hill Estate for sale by McLean Faulconer


Four remarkably different landscapes vie for your attention in this beautiful farm for sale in Virginia . The lush hardwood forest is filled with hundred year old wed and white oaks, hickories, black walnuts, and towering tulip poplars. A plethora of natural dogwoods and redbuds seem to float over a carpet of fallen leaves and ferns. The woods provide a cool retreat as the sun's light is filtered through to tall trees. 

The property is well watered with a beautiful stream which changes its appearance as it leaves the gently flowing grassy meadows and enters the steeper terrain of the rocky woods. It meanders alongside the property and deep into the estate. Several brooks and ponds are also on display. The three acre lake is fed by two naturally flowing artesian springs. There are seven wells (producing 150 g.p.m.) on the grounds, supporting the residence, out buildings, and a seventy-station irrigation system.

The open rolling ridges of Emerald Hill yield the best views of the Blue Ridge Mountains which rise on the western horizon. The pastures are reminiscent of the English countryside. Centuries ago, these fields were home to the Hessians during the Revolutionary War and to Stonewall Jackson's troops as they took shelter here en route from the Shenandoah Valley to defend Richmond. Much of this area still looks as it would have on that day.

The landscaped areas, especially those surrounding the home, are formal, featuring a mix of neatly clipped lawns, boxwoods, rhododendrons, and azaleas. Most are tucked attractively behind granite curbing. Nearly 1,000 specimen trees, including dogwoods of every variety, redbuds, weeping and Japanese cherries, flowering pears, prunes, and crepe myrtles, in addition to stately oaks, sycamores, magnolias, and deodoras, were brought in to beautify the estate.

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The Formal Garden

a Greek Pavilion provides a protected seating area from which to enjoy the 88 foot soapstone reflecting pool, replete with fountains. It is paralleled by rows of flowering plumbs and beds of perennial daffodils and peonies. The four seasons, depicted in stone statuary, were carved in Florence. The large bronze bust of George Washington is one of five cast for the bicentennial. Six teardrop-shaped lawns, all set around a central sundial, are accessed by symmetrical brick walkways. In them you will find four dramatic weeping cherries. Serpentine brick pathways lead to the north conservatory, a sunken spa, a wisteria entwined trellis, and a 12 foot stone reflecting pool. 

Tucked out of sight under the north end of the formal garden, a 184 KW Caterpillar generator is capable of automatically and silently powering everything in the home. Its internal systems start the diesel generator within a second of a power outage. 


The Swimming Pool

Flanking the south side of the residence is a beautiful 40 by 60 swimming pool. The classical half rounds on each end include stairways. The largest arch sports an underwater seating area. The smooth, powered marble interior pool surface is a rich blue, warming the the water and mirroring the sky. Four corner fountains  augment the scene. 

The brick deck is sculpted to match the shape of the pool. The marble lion standing guard was carved for the estate in Florence, Italy. All of the pool's systems are hidden and silent beneath an underground bunker. 


Other Amenities

Overlooking the pool is one of the most enjoyed areas of the home: a large screened porch which includes a commercial barbecue with stained vent and sink. Protected from the elements, grilling and dining are possible in any season or weather.

The tennis court is subterranean, eliminating the need for unsightly fencing. It features a cushioned acrylic playing surface.

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